27th August, 2014


Someone on my timeline said “I hate when I’m walking behind someone and their but jiggles. Gross”

I felt such contempt for them in the pit of my stomach

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27th August, 2014





Realtor: A massacre happened in this area….300 people died..

White person: Sell me the house.

Realtor: …are you sure?

White person: I’ll pay triple.

Realtor: The pervious 5 owners have all come up missing

White person: Do you prefer cash or check?

Realtor: you have big bay windows, great view of the lake, and your 1st born will be the vessel for lucifer…

White person: We’ll move in tomorrow!

Realtor: The doors slam at night and puddles of blood show up in random places.
White Person: I’ll just buy some ear plugs and a good mop.

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27th August, 2014

Lol. They really suspended that 106 and Park producer over writing that Blue Ivy joke.

People habitually make jokes about her and North West daily though…

Everybody should stop making jokes mean spirited jokes about babies and toddlers though.